We’re Syndicated!

One of the most important things for a blogger is to be syndicated. As I learned about syndication I had a lot of help. A special thank you to all these wonderful syndication who help get Dreaming Second Life out there to readers who may not normally read my blog. I decided to make a special page for them.

Honestly, Most of the feeds out there are so clogged, you can’t find how to apply OR they’ve closed and without knowledge. There are so many bloggers now days, I’d rather be spend my time being passionate about what I’m doing and advertising my blog on the mulitple forums then trying to apply for feeds that die off or haven’t had anyone added in years.

So since I’m not that syndicated, how will my blog get seen to promote your items, your store, your event? I am an avid facebooker user and I post on flickr. I have worked very hard in getting my followers, views and favorites to increase. It’s an ongoing work in progress.



Another Fashion Feed
(has old blog url)

Grid Syndicate
(resubmitted application to post 7/29016. Thought I was on there)

[SL] Blogger Support(I do not know if this one counts as being syndicated but I am listed there.)

Networked Blogs

Syndication’s Applied for and waiting (many want it to be linked back so I’ve decided to link them as I apply and check back frequently)

Fashioncentric: Fashioncentric

SL Style Lines




Be Happy in SL (reapplied 7.29.16


Closed Syndications as of 7.29.16

Old London Docks


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