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~Summer Picnics

Our move is over finally, work has been stressful. But it’s summer! I missed some big events, because well you know… I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and just remember how to blog. All the changes! So lets just jump in.


The picnic table is from Salacity. This wonderful set was available at the Boardwalk round in May. Sadly, the event ended this past weekend but it should be in the main store soon and you can purchase it for all your summer BBQ needs! The table has single sits for male and females, it also has couple sits and if you’re feelin a little adventurous it has some adult poses too. *wink wink*



Cats! So many cats. I’m a cat lady at heart even though only two currently bless my life. I’d have dozens if I could but for now, I’ll have all the cats in SL and thanks to Dalriada @ MOoH! keeps me stocked up on cats! These adorable cuties (one at my feet, one on the bench beside me, one frolicking in the pillow to the left of the table and int he back ground you can see one staring down a flower in a pot.) are available at TWE12VE. You have until the end of the month to play this gacha.


Now to my look, my swimsuit comes in all kinds of flavors. Cedric happens to love watermelon so I wanted to be a taunting tasty morsel for him for our picnic. It’s by Horntail and you can get it at the current Belle event as well as my adorable hair by Doe called Margarite. So cute and you can wear it full in front both sides, or one side left or right or tossed to the back. My polish is by Dark Passions and can be found at the OxXxcuro event. Sexy in silver and gold with beautiful vibrant colors. I wanted to match so dipped them in a pretty green. See the ad below for all the polish details. All the other decor is listed below and are non sponsors but creators I adore.

June 15th- June 30th
Opens the 6th of every month
Ends the 3rd of every  month
June 12-30th

Namrah’s Look: 
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V4.0 | Onyx LeShelle
Skin#PUMEC – Alice – MARCH | ·ʀɪᴛᴀ ᴘᴜᴍᴇᴄ· (otyebis)
Head: Catwa– Catya | Catwa.Clip
Eyes:  CATWA eyes
Eye Applier:  .euphoric ~Euphoria Eyes| demi Placebo
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Pop Pixie Ears | Lucia (luciayes Magic)

HORNTAIL –  Emily Bikini |xMister Dash  @ Belle

Margarite |Helyanwe Vindaloo @ Belle
DP – Koffin Nails –  Simply SexXxy – Silver | Bcreative Wilde @  OxXxcuro
CAZIMI: | Sweetheart Lipsticks  Dima -CAZIMI- (Dima Plessis) **Former hunt prize**
Izzie’s – CATWA Eyeliner Applier | Izzie Button

Poses & Decor:
 Curves Bento Pose 4 Satomi Masukami
*couple poses are part of the Salacity Pick-a-nick table*

What Next | Winter Thorn
{what next} Pre-loved Lawn Chair (Surf Shack 1 &2)
{what next} Caliente Hotdog Plate (red)
{what next} Caliente Burger Plate (melon)
{what next} Caliente BBQ (melon)
{what next} Caliente Burger Plate (red)
{what next} Caliente Hotdog Plate (melon)

Salacity | Angie (Anggy Rasmuson)
This item was at the May round of the Boardwalk Event it ended on June 15th
Salacity – Pick-a-Nick Basket
Salacity – Beer Bottle (open and closed)
Salacity – Soda can  (open and closed)
Salacity – Oldman Cooler (Sitting)
Salacity – Oldman Cooler (drinks)
Salacity – Picnic Tablecloth
Salacity – Picnic Condiments
Salacity – Pick-a-Nick Table

MOoH!  | Dalriada Delwood
MOoH! Garden table kitten 3LI
MOoH! Flower cushion red 3LI RARE
MOoH! Kitten ground cover flowers 4LI
MOoH! Flying bird kitten 3LI
MOoH! Kitten and rabbit 2LI

The Looking Glass | Sharni Azalee
TLG – Paisley Daisies 2
TLG – Daisies and Ladybirds