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Ménage à trois *NSFW*

Show me what yo body do
You can bring yo girlfriend too
We can have a rendezvous
We can have a drink or two
You can bring yo girlfriend too
We can keep it on the cool
Menage A Trois(feat. Mr. Shadow, Don Cisco, & Frankie J)
(Granted the song is not about 2 girls and 1 guy but… that’s how we roll in this house right now)


So recently I was gifted some pretty awesome furniture. As Daddy and I have turned over to the more Adult side of Second Life, I thought it would be great to feature some furniture by Debauchery. The thing that we love about Bandor’s furniture is that not only does it sit one person, many of his furniture is created for “moresome” in mind. It’s sensual, sexual, and some of it’s downright naughty.


Recently Daddy and I met a beautiful, charming lady who kind of took us by surprise. Well me anyways, and has really become an important part of our relationship. Poly relationships can sometimes really be hard but for us it just works. I struggle sometimes, but so far so good even though it’s still very new to us I think we have a good foundation for moving forward.

Ménage à trois_0141)

I wouldn’t say that I’m full on bisexual in real life. In SL… all bets are off ~laughs softly~ but I do love kissing other women and boobs. I have to admit, I really adore boobs. If I were a guy I’d never take my hands off of them. So kissing Daddy’s girlfriend Cin was no issues, but She has other ideas and denies me, but I’m not complaining! Begging for more.


Ménage à trois_024

There’s always a little time for naughty time. ~giggles~ He’s so greedy isn’t he? I can’t say either of us objected!

Ménage à trois_037

Nothing like kneeling between Daddy’s legs and being offered Miss. Cin’s beautiful pussy to taste and lick especially after it’s been well fucked by Daddy ~blushes with a giggle~

Ménage à trois

I really love watching when Daddy fucks other women ~wiggles~ it’s erotic and sexy. I know many people think “OH MY GOSH He’s cheating on you.” No, he’s not actually, I sit across the room from him, we talk about everything. It’s only cheating when the other person doesn’t know and we’re also very transparent that we’re not only a couple in SL but we’re a couple in real life.

So some fun facts about this sofa and chair. Both have some awesome textures, once you sit, you click and click adjust and textures there are so many cool ones and because it’s a RETRO couch you get some REALLY fun textures to add to any decor. The chair has singles just sitting and some self love animations. They’re very seamless. We did have to do some tweaking to our sits because I’m vertically challenged. The chair also comes with cuddles, sex, bdsm, and FFM threesome poses.

The couch has solo, couples, threesomes and foursomes so much to try, explore and do.. So if you like a little extra love in your life, you definitely need to try Bandor’s swinger furniture. These are two of many that we own.



(Event Ended but should be up in main store soon)

Namrah’s Look: 
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V5.0| Onyx LeShelle
Skin[PF] |Delina <Vanilla> – Mochi (Mochi Milena) *For Genus*
Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap | GenusProject

: Eternal :: Collar | Cae (Caelan Hancroft)  @ Kinky 
*Vanilla Bae* Minnie Cami – Pink Pack and Blue | Vani (Hopey Honi)

TRUTH Vivid – | | Truth Hawks

Featured Furniture:

Debauchery Retro Swingers Chair v8.4  | Bandor Tyrell (Bandor Beningborough)
Debauchery Retro Swingers Sofa v8.4

The Various plants around the room are by: Mithral and what next, picture frame on wall by Half Deer.