~Lady Venom

Dime or a nickel anyone could buy
Voodoo of any kind
She had potions and lotions herb
And tanna leaves guaranteed to blow your mind
Early one mornin’ into mucky swamp
Dew vanished Marie with hate in her eyes
Tho’ she’ll never return all the Cajuns knew
A witch-queen never dies
~Witch Queen of New Orleans by Red Bone


OCTOBER! One of my favorite times of year. I love when Summer turns into Fall, the air turns crisp, the leaves start to turn and Halloween is right around the corner. Now, I might believe in ghosts and the things that go BUMP in the night but I DO NOT LIKE HORROR movies.. Ughs, they terrify me, ~laughs~ and I wind up having horrible nightmares. But when it comes to SL bring on the haunted houses and scary sims. Alright so there are SO many awesome events on the grid right now. Lets start with my dress, this is by Entice called “We Belong”  you can get this in several colors and what’s spiffy is that you can make the top and middle piece different colors.  Gosh.. I just don’t even know where to go next.. Okay skin/make up is a new release by alaskametro, so that’s where the post name came from: Lady Venom there are two different skin versions white and a soft milky tan. Then there’s lipsticks that are various colors.. gosh just so much with this so check out the ad below to see what can be had within this alaskametro gacha at o9!


~Wiggles my nails~ Look at these beauties… just ready to reach out and dig into your soul, a new release from Dark Passions called Sadistic Passions both straight stripes and bloody stripes in several different colors which you can get at The Nightmare Event. What’s that you ask? Oh my goodness, you gotta go, you find teeth in a maze and it’s so much fun and you can shop and get lots of free things! AWESOME free things too, but the polish you have to buy but there IS a free polish once you find all 25 teeth!

The hair is a previous release from Doe called Spring Breeze I have wanted to blog this hair from the moment I got it but nothing seemed to pop into head, but as I was putting this look together I was like LIGHT BULB! and here we go. OH! on my nose piercing is a new release from !nfinity called HeKate it also comes with a moon for your forehead, there is two choices for left or right for the nose, and a single or double moon for the forehead with a color hud.. So awesome for those inner witches and this can be found at Season of the Witch, how appropriate right??


As a blogger sometimes things just sit in your mind and the minute I saw this new release by Chez Moi at Cosmopolitan I KNEW that I had to go buy it, so OFF I went after I begged some lindens from my husband. THEN! Trick or Treat Lane event started and {LORE} released a part of her Cemetery set which includes various tombstones and grave dirt. Wow so many things on the grid this month so go … go go!!!

~Thank you Dreamers for visiting.

Events 2017
Trick or Treat Lane
Oct 13-Nov 3rd
Oct. 9th to 21st
Oct 9th to 28th
Season of the Witch
Oct 14-Nov 4
Designer Showcase Event
October 5th-31st
The Nightmare
Oct 1 – Oct. 31, 2017


Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V4.0 | Onyx LeShelle
Skin: alaskametro<3  “Lady Venom Tone 0”  | Alaska Metropolitan
Head: Catwa– Catya | Catwa.Clip
Eyes:  FATEeyes | Damien Fate

!NFINITY:   Hekate Nose Piercing – Left| Iɴғɪɴɪᴛʏ Oᴡɴᴇʀ @ Season of the Witch
Ec.cloth – Infinity Ring | niocean
Entice – We Belong Gown | EnticeStore  @ Designer Showcase Event

Doe– Spring Breze  | Helyanwe Vindaloo
alaskametro<3  “Lady Venom eyeshadow/lipstick”  | Alaska Metropolitan @ 09
DP – Koffin Nails Astralia Stiletto~ Sadistic Stripes| Bcreative Wilde Heart (bcreative.wilde)
Astralia – Compatible nails system (Maitreya Stiletto base)| Astralia

Pose by me with the anypose pose system

{LORE} Complete Cemetery |  Lala L’amour (lalitalamour) @ Trick or Treat Lane
CHEZ MOI~ Spider Wall | nanda Marjeta @ Cosmo
[MF] cranepile2 | MedievalFantasy *On Marketplace*
LB_spookytree1 | Cari McKeenan
Studio Skye: Skye Falling Leaves Type 2 | Alex Bader
Kalopsia – Flying leaves (green) | Isabeau Baragula *On Marketplace*
[DDD] Creeping Fog – Round/Dense | Anke Sillyfish (anke.hatchuk)
[DDD] Particle Fog Emitter (Dense)

AD Pictures:


Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Astralia AD - Sadistic Stripesalaskametro_3 _Lady Venom_ skin_cosmetics gacha - key

!NFINITY Hekate Piercings Promo AD