Trick or Treat Lane


Once upon a dark autumn night
I was so very far from sleep
I longed to walk beneath the stars
Into the wood so dark and deep

Neither myth nor fairy tale
could keep me from the path to the maze
But eyes upon me I could feel
Hidden in the shadows watching always

Something in the darkness pulled me deeper
Something in the madness eased my mind
Was I awake or was I dreaming
Cut the strings that bind me to mankind

Trick or Treat Lane
October 15th to November 1st 2021
BIGGIRL event.
October 15th to November 5th 2021

Mesh Body:Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V5.0| Onyx LeShelle
Skin[theSkinnery] Bom Body – SLIM sorbet | Uma (umazuma.metaluna)
Head:LeLUTKA.Head.Fleur.2.5 | Jaden Lelutka (jaden.nova)
Eyes: AG. Supernatural Eyes Pack 1 – | Kenny (kenny.rowley)

E – Eventyra – Nail HUD – Chained Webs | Eventyra @ Trick or Treat Lane
KUNI Alice (Halloween Edition) | Noelle Neaph
alaskametro<3 “Dark Arts” makeup | Alaska Metropolitan @ Trick or Treat Lane
Watercolor-Broken BOM Full Body Tattoo

Beautiful Dirty Rich: Witching Hour | ςąოęгõŋ (cameron.vasiliov) @BIGGIRL
Celeste: Neira Horns | Sophie (syncophie)
REIGN: Emily Heels |
LOVE: Purple Poison Hand Aura’s |

Pose/Props and Decor/Scene:

C&C – Baba Yaga’s Hut | Gloom Darkheart @ Trick or Treat Lane
[DDD] Creeping Fog/Fog | Anke Pancake
MADRAS Skull Ground (black) | Karthikeyan Engineer
Oubliette– Oracle Floor Bed    | Melora Frost (insilvermoonlight) @ Trick or Treat Lane

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Step Shelves 

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Velvet Drapes 
Oubliette- COPY Oracle Cat Chair   

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Ouija Collection 1   

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Cushion Sofa   

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Tea Set   

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Beaded Lamp   

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Trunk Table   

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Tassel Rug   

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Lounge Pillows 2   

Oubliette- COPY Oracle Lounge Pillows
Oubliette- COPY Oracle Ouija Collection 2  
LOVE – HALLOWEEN CAT TOTEM | Krys (krystali.rabeni) @ TRick or Treat Lane (Free gift)

[Merak] – Old Cloak | Aɳa von Klitten (annellystone)

[Merak] – Reused Broom   
~*SR*~ Swamp Larch Tree V.01   | Gwen von Aurora (sweetgwendoline.bailey)

(Fundati) Dying Sakura (Fall) Shrub   | Mr. Fundati (shen.molinaro)
(Fundati) Dying Sakura (Fall) Tree I 

Entity Ritual Circle    | guestier Balut

HERA – Sacraficial Bento Pose Set with knife prop. 1 | ϯ۰ тιffαиу ναℓєитιиє ۰ϯ (midnightmistxx)

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