Nieandera~The story


Behind the bloggers of Cedric and Nieandera from Nieandera’s point of view:

I thought it might be nice to blog a little bit about who we are. I met Cedric on Second Life almost 3 years ago (maybe 4?) It’s been awhile. At first we were just friends, we hung out, we danced, we messed around but we never seemed to be on the same page of any one book.  In 2012 my main avatar had her heart broken, destroyed by the careless abuse of a verbal mind freak. Cedric (on his main avatar) swept me off my feet and slowly rebuilt me up piece by piece. The pages of our story began to flutter hard together, and the book became the same book. FINALLY! We spent so much time together, laughing, dancing, joking around and falling in love. In August of 2013 Cedric made the long trip from the East Coast to the Midwest where we met. Our love in real life is just as intense as it is online. Maybe in real life we’re not as kinky or as freaky as we can be online but hey that’s what SL is for right? Fantasy?  Our book is still being written. We married on Second Life on March 8th 2014.

The reason I blog.. Honestly, it’s funny Cedric asked me once “What made you want to blog” and honestly the answer is, I used to visit a hunt blog. I loved it but she stopped blogging. It was nice because I could go visit her blog then go get the hunt items without having to do the whole hunt. Okay yes that’s cheating I know. That’s probably why sometimes I only post some of my favorite hunt items. I like doing hunts and that’s what drove me to want to do my own blog. Then I just decided well WHY should a girl limit herself? So sometimes my blog may get a little cluttered with hunts, Festivals, Fashion shows and now with the help of Cedric we’ll have weapons and magic huds.

From hunts came sim pictures, randomness sometimes of lovely sims that I feel should be bragged about. I have the pleasure of blogging for two designers officially both 2 Chez for Gisele and RVi Design for Roshy and unofficially for Heart & Soul Designs for my friend Ab. If you see a bed, or rug and sometimes couches in my poses you can bet 95% of the time it’s going to be an Ab creation. I do try to credit Him because his furniture is just top of the line. (Shameless plug). Blogging for Gisele actually came quite by accident. I have tons of her items favorited in my favorites and slowly have bought a few pieces. I decided to stop being lazy and check out her store, fell in love so decided to ask if I could blog for her. It’s been a wonderful journey so far. I love her creations. From there, I’ve picked up different sponsors, some have let me go, some I’ve moved on from myself because of different needs, likes and changes.

My blog has grown, changed and it reflects me sometimes which is a organized clutter. But I love it, and it’s thrilling to bring my blog to readers and find amazing finds from amazing creators from the gatchas, to the polishes and OMG the shoes! and then the clothes. 🙂 And then the fun poses too.

I couldn’t ask for a more loving and patient Man then I have already. Cedric encourages me, he’ll take photos when I get frustrated with settings, or my graphics card (It hates most blue and green). He grounds me, he completes me. I love Him more and more every day. I try not to get mushy on my blog about Him, but since this is the story of us, I feel here is okay.. *chuckles*

So if you’ve read this far, my dear fan, reader or just a casual passer through. Thank you for reading my blog.. Thank you for coming back again and again. Thank you for supporting my dream. If it weren’t for you I probably wouldn’t keep blogging.

And a special thank you to the creators both for the ones I officially blog for and those random people I get blog packs for from various hunts and Festivals. Without your designs I’d go broke! 🙂 No seriously, I love that I can blog and advertise for people. It’s a joy and a pleasure.

Cedric and Namrah

My legacy name is Nieandera Resident but on our wedding day, Cedric gifted me with a beautiful new name “Namrah.”


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