~Beautiful Apocalypse

Gravity is pulling me
And I don’t really wanna be
A child of desolation any more
My inner world is quaking
So tired of my trivial self
A paradise corrupted to the core
Standing on the edge…
“Beautiful Apocalypse” by Kamelot 


I’m feeling a little purple today. Last night we found out that my ex husband might have cancer, so I thought I’d honor him in a blog post by wearing purple for hope. My 17 year old daughter is pretty torn up about it, she’s of course jumping to all the worst conclusions so I’m going to stay upbeat and positive for her.


The dress I am wearing is a mulit hudded dress called Melody by Serendipity. There are two versions and I’m wearing the v1 hud. The colors are vibrant and I thought the dress very pretty and well fitting even though it wasn’t made for the mesh body. I only had to alpha a little bit at my butt and thighs. Which I think that’s pretty awesome.


These are just four of the brilliant colors you have to look forward too! My hair is by Doe and you can find it at this round of Candy Fair. It’s a really cute flippy style that you can slide lollipops through or carry in your mouth. Adorbs right? I think this hair would be really cute on a little one but I thought it was fitting with my mood of being serious yet silly.


I finished my look with La Boheme, my eyes, lipsticks and nail polish. The eyes and lipstick can be found at We ❤ Roleplay until the 31st of October. The nail polish is called Catacomb, and you can find this at the La Boheme inworld store for the Halloween hunt. The prize is 1L, can’t beat that for some awesome spooky Halloween polishes right? If you look around you might find some other freebies and 1L polishes too. Hints at the store.


Halloween Hunt
♥  Oct 1-Nov. 2
We Love Role Play
♥ Oct 4th-31st

Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V3.0 | Onyx LeShelle
Skin: Lumae :  Sabine T5 – Dulce
Head: Catwa– Jessica | Catwa.Clip
Eyes: .[LB Eyes] Bastet | Santana Lumiere @ We ❤ Roleplay

*Serendipity*: Melody Dress | Deacon Shaw *NEW RELEASE @ Mainstore*

Doe: Lolli | Helyanwe Vindaloo @ Gacha Guardians
LaBoheme  Catwa Lips  Madris Set 2  | Santana Lumiere @ We❤Roleplay
Polish: La Boheme~ Catacomb | La Boheme In World for Halloween Hunt


Image Essentials Feminine Touch Pose Pack | Kay Weston @ Main Store




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