~This Angel

Who is this angel, sent here to change me,
sent here to take me where I’ve never been?
Long I have wandered, weary and waiting,
For something to shake me and life to begin.


It had been a stressful week for our family when my graphics card decided to go kaput so I took my daughter by the hand and we walked down the path to our pond. We settled on the pier so she could tell me all about her day. We talked about the upcoming RFL event that starts on July 16th, we talked about how much we were going to miss her sister Dream when she goes away on her real life vacation. We talked about the new wonderful changes to our family. We also talked about the camp coming up towards the middle of July. Most of all we just enjoyed our time together listening to each other and when we’d fall silent in thought we’d sit and listen to the crickets and the frogs sing their song back and forth as the sun began to set.  These are the moments, and this angel is one of the reasons why I love being an SL mom.. she grounds me, and she makes me feel like I’m the worlds greatest.

Kids Limited
♦July 5.- 19
♦July 2nd to July 22nd


Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V3.0 | Onyx LeShelle
Skin: Pink Fuel Morgana | Mochi (mochi.milena)
Head: Catwa– Jessica | Catwa.Clip
Eyes: IKON: Triumph Eyes-Armor | Ikon Innovia

Blueberry  – Ripped Denim Shorts – Belted |Blueberryxx
REIGN.- California Sandals | Kεղმძεε Rεἶցղ (kenadeecole)
Stories&Co. by Flowey: Dakota Blouse | Flo Memel-Yazimoto-Nayar (flutter.memel) (former Luxe Box item)

Doe: Bonnie– | Helyanwe Vindaloo @ Dreamful

p.o.s.e: Summerbreathe | ʌυε ʛαƦcια (avegarcia) @ Kids Limited (only 55 items available)

Kiersten is wearing:

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Trixie Mesh Hair @ Summerfest 2016
Outfit – {Blubb} Zoey *Teal* @ Ninety Nine – June round




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