~This I promise

My love, here I stand before you
I am yours now from this moment on
Take my hand, only you can stop me shaking
We’ll share forever, this I promise you

I married my best friend in Second Life in March of 2014 but when I saw these bridal poses from Pose Hop I knew I wanted to pretend marry him all over again and I knew exactly who I wanted to go to to get my wedding dress. I contacted Tori Silverweb of Tori Stylez and asked her “What new releases do you have?” And a few moments later my jaw dropped as she showed me one of her new releases called “Kay” Omg this stunning corset dress is just beautiful any bride will be stunning in it. It comes with some pretty fantastic goodies too. Plus, you get a great shopping experience when you go to Tori’s in world store and she’s there. Just ask, she’ll demo, she’ll tell you if something looks good or doesn’t, she’ll help you pick the dress of your dreams. I’ve even heard of the unfaithable of her recommending OTHER stores when a bride just couldn’t decide. WHO DOES THIS? I wore one of her dresses on my wedding day and continue to go back to her for all kinds of dress needs.

So lets talk about these poses! The first two pictures I’m showing a pose by Chat Noir, now these two pose makers I’m featuring today are new to me, I’ve never heard of them which is what makes The Pose Hop event so wonderful. It introduces us to stores around the grid and not only do we get to pick an exclusive or a sale item, we can shop their store and see what are groovy poses they have in store for us!  The first pose is called “Marriage” but I think it should be called “Cherish” because that’s how I felt standing in his arms while I was taking pictures. Cherished, loved and protected. He’s a pretty amazing man. 🙂


Chat Noir Pose 1&2

And when I look in your eyes
All of my life is before me
And I’m not running anymore
‘Cause I already know I’m home
With every beat of my heart
I’ll give you my love completely
My darling, this I promise you

Chat Noir Pose 3
Chat Noir Pose 4
Chat Noir Pose 5

Pose 1 & 2 Chat Noir: Marriage C18
Pose 3-5 Chat Noir: Bridal Fat Pack of 6 poses (regular/mirror)

Thesse next poses are by Indigo, another store like I said that I’ve never heard of, but they’re stunning poses of 6. I’m only featuring two, but they’re all breath taking. I chose the second pose so I could show the back of the Kay dress so you could see the details of the corset tying.

Indigo Pose 6

My love, I can feel your heartbeat
As we dance now closer than before
Don’t let go, ’cause I could almost cry now
This is forever, I make this vow to you

Indigo Pose 7

Pose 6- 7   Indigo Bridal 6 poses:

So many awesome things around the grid right now, don’t forget The Kawaii project, I wanted a beautiful updo so I chose Doe’s new hair gacha at The Kawaii Project. There’s a ring of flowers you can weave in your hair that is very beautiful and a variety of colors as Doe is known for. Then I added a flash of color to my nails, painting them up in style with a polish called Call of the Sea by Dark Passions/Koffin Nails. BCreative Wilde (Or Miss. B as I call her) always stuns me with her creativity and the flair and flash that she puts into her polishes. You can pick these up at the Mesh Body Addicts until the end of the month. Check out her other polishes while you’re there!

Pose Hop
(Hop the grid to the pose stores!)
♥ May 15-May 30th
The Kawaii Project
♥ Until June 10th
Mesh Body Addicts (MBA)
♥ May 10 – 31, 2016

Slink: Hands (Casual) | Siddean Munro
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V3.0 | Onyx LeShelle
Skin: Lumae  Eirtae – Solaris GG V2 | Lumiya Rae
Head: Catwa– Jessica | Catwa.Clip

Tori Stylez: Kay | Tori Direwytch (torid.silverweb) *NEW RELEASE*
(Dress Includes: Earrings, braclets, bows for the dress, rockocko skirt for fullness, necklace and veil.

Catwa Lipsticks | Catwa.Clip
Doe: Arora (gacha) | Helyanwe Vindaloo @ The Kawaii Project
LaBoheme Eyes, Darks Set 2: Dark Lavendar |Santana Lumiere *New Release*
Dark Passions: Call of the Sea Polish |BCreative Wilde @ MBA

Chat Noir: Marriage & Bridal Poses |Ʀƴǫ..øωø (ryohh)
Indigo – Bridals | Indigo Isabella Nouveau (indigoskye44)

 Evocative Floral “Calla&Rose” Claret Bridal Bouquet v1 | Lapointe and Bastchilde (BastChild Lotus)

Want to know what Cedric is wearing or anything in the scene shoot me a message in world and I’ll be happy to tell you. I know the Tux is by LaPointe and Bastchilde!

Song: This I promise You by Ronan Keating


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