~In Loving Remembrance: Once Upon a Cure

On April 9th the Family Fair began. Celebrating coming together to FIGHT for the CURE to Cancer. Cancer has touched us all in one way or another. We’ve either beaten it, we’ve known someone who’s beaten it, we know someone who is fighting it, or we know someone who’s fought it and lost the battled.

I relay for my Dad, John. He was an amazing dad. NOT one day goes by that he’s not missed or in my thoughts.

Tree of Life

At the Family fun fair you can buy a balloon and hang it in the remembrance area of the fair. It’s rather neat you can personalize it, then hang it on the Tree of Life. There are several already but come on down and put your own up. Lets fill this TREE OF LIFE! All proceeds to the balloon go to The American Cancer Society.



The relay for life vendor


These are just two of the many balloons on the tree, I liked this one for all fighting, I fight with you. I don’t know who’s balloon it is, but I thought it was memorable.


All the Balloons

Family Fun Fair from April 9th until April 17th, don’t miss the fun!

Tree of Life 

In loving memory of my Dad… I fight for you daddy!

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