La Boheme Christmas Sale and Freebies!!!

Normally I don’t do a post that just has the creators texture image, but there are so many goodies happening at La Boheme that I wanted to make a quick announcement so people can hurry to her store and snag up these wonderful goodies!
~!* Freebie  Gift Alert *!~
Each week La Boheme has put out a Christmas gift for everyone, for free. From December 22nd to December 31st you can snag up these beautiful nails. One set has gold accents, the other set has silver accents.. Just Stunning!!!!
~!* Freebie/Hunters Alert *!~

~!* Sale Alert *!~
On the 26th at 12:01am begins a *huge* sale at La Boheme’s 
in-world shop which will carry through to the 31st.  60% off all the
merchandise!  o.o! A post-Christmas shopping extravaganza. \o/
(That’s Friday the 26th – Wednesday the 31st.  Six days to loot!)
Here’s the lowdown scoop:
All Slink compatible polish sets – $20 each
All Belleza compatible polish sets – $20 each*
All standard prim nail bulk sets – $40 each
All lipstick tattoo cosmetic sets – $30 each
All eyeshadow tattoo cosmetic sets – $30 each
*(We’re working our booties off trying to get the Belleza polish 
appliers ready, they will not be available until this sale.)
So what are you waiting for.. Head over to La Boheme now for your goodies! Her polishes and make-ups are so worth it!!! Don’t lose out on this chance!
Here’s your landmark: La Boheme

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