RVi Design: Sale Items Spring Garden Well and Bench

*•.♥.•* Spring Gardens   ♥•*
Both pieces together
(10% off Sale)
(see below for pieces by themselves)

This is the Spring Garden set by RVi Design, it comes in two pieces but for this I pushed them together a little bit so it looks like one cohesive piece. I was very thankful to two of my friends who joined me in posing for these pictures. There are multiple sits and poses throughout both the bench set and the garden well. If you touch the basket you’ll get hand tools, planting seeds. For anyone who loves to role-play this is a wonderful addition to your medieval role-play sims. We had a blast. 


Here are some more:

*•.♥.•* Spring Gardens   ♥•*
Garden with Well

Sold Separately
405 L

*•.♥.•* Spring Gardens   ♥•*
Garden with Bench

Sold Separately


Spring Garden with Well by itself:
Spring Garden with bench by itself:

The bear and the girls are not included. 🙂 Ty Marcie and Aldwin for helping us out today!

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