Feeling Pretty Casual with FBD and ZOZ

Feeling pretty casual. Today is a day for just being comfortable so jet over to the Freestyle Urban Fair. For FBD she has a collection of 16 shirts. I am only showing one of them. Whatever! A term I love to use when I have nothing else to say or I just feel like being onery. It’s so cute, fits comfortably. I love it.

The nail polish is by ZOZ the top right nail polish you can find at Freestyle Urban Fair for just 70L, the bottom is called Daisy Chain and can be found at the Cosmopolitan discount room. I love the glitter and the shine.

Important Links to help your shopping travels:

{ZOZ} polish is available @ COSMOPOLITAN Discount Room for 70L

Firebird Design and {ZOZ} polish is available @ Krave Freestyle Urban Fair

Main Store for FBD and {ZOZ}

OTHER FBD information:
FBD Blog
FB LINK: FireBird-Designs-by-Dalriada Facebook Page
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/firebird_designs/

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