New from 2 Chez and Gisele Grizot

Have you ever just put on one of those outfits that you just INSTANTLY fall in love with? That’s how you will feel when you put on the Tanya Tunic. I am so in love with this cute little number. When I received this, and was like “OMG! This is so adorable!” I think it’s the only thing I’ve worn for the last day or so until I could blog it. IT has a hud, you can change the look of the tunic and the leggings. SO many variables! I’m also wearing the boots from 2 Chez as well. (Links below). I will warn you that I did have to adjust my shape just a “tidge”, had to nudge my breasts down a little, and a little body fat in the back and some in the thighs for the boots. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could that to our bodies in real life?! The tunic does come in 5 different sizes so do not despair! on the adjustments, I promise it’s painless.

Because of the many looks in this outfit, you will not be disappointed.It’s mesh and priced at such a wonderful price.

*•.♥.•*   Tanya Tunic  *•.♥.•*    
*•.♥.•* ONLY 101L *•.♥.•*
Seriously for this price! You can’t go wrong. Here are just a few of the different looks!

and the boots!
*•.♥.•* CGG Thigh High Platform Boots *•.♥.•* 
*•.♥.•* ONLY 129L *•.♥.•*

I don’t know many places that you can buy a pair of boots for THIS price, and get 8 different colors! Amazing!

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