~RVI Design~

I am thrilled and proud to announce that tonight I was asked by the creator of RVI Design to be a blogger for her group. I’ll be posting new products on my blog as well as hers: http://rvidesign.blogspot.com/

I look forward to working with her and her other bloggers. I love landscaping so this will be so much fun!!! I can’t wait to get started!!!

~Happy Shopping~

Current Sales at RVi Designs!!!!!

Old Well at the Fence
Only 50L, it’s 75% of it’s regular price
It has one stand pose, very low prim.

I love all things fall, so this will be a nice addition to anyone wanting to decorate for the fall!
Farm Wheel Cart at the Old Wheel
Only 65L! It’s 75% off it’s regular price! 
Snag now for all your fall designs.

There are animations for two people! It also looks stunning all by itself!
Marketplace Link: 
Dark Wood Elven Statue Lamp
ONLY 125L It’s 50% off it’s regular price.

The perfect item for any fantasy roleplay sim, or any one decorating for a fantasy theme. 
Market Place Link:

Heart Shaped Bon Bons 
ONLY 45L a 10% discount off the regular price

With Valentines Day coming up what lover wouldn’t want to share some bon bons with their lover?
Market place link:

Fairy magic Bouquet of Love, for St. Valentines Day
10% off regular price
Sale Price: 180L!!!!

What a lovely bouquet to give the one you love. What you can’t see is that this has particle hearts, and moving parts. It’s lovely and your loved one will be thrilled to receive this!
Argh Matey!
Pirate Hat Stand
50L Half! Yes HALF off the Original Price!

Every pirate needs one of these!


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