Running out of Time Part 3… The last of the hunt

Phew! Finally got this hunt completed. I skipped several stores because I couldn’t find the hunt prize. So far in this hunt only 3 stores had their prices set at 5L instead of 1L so beware. I know the creator of the hunt corrected one of them.

I hope you have enjoyed this hunt as much as I did. Found some interesting new stores that I plan to revisit at a later time. Have some nifty new things in my inventory. One of the upsides of doing this blog is I sure unpack my hunts faster! I’ll probably be starting another hunt in the next few days so stay tuned.

Happy Hunting~
Nieandera and Cedric

#30 Grumble

 This outfit is just the shirt. It’s a very comfortable looking top. I turned down the bright on it because it just “glowed” but it is a very good fit.

#31 Sugel Co.
 This is the necklace only. 
(Hair by [elektra], skin and shape by DBF)

#32 Rainbow’s Custom Jewlery
This also is just the necklace only.
 #34 Miss Jewell
This outfit comes with an outfit for the guy as well.
 #35 {Rook} Poses
These are poses by ROOK, it has the pocket watch hanging out behind me as well as the one in my hand. 
(The Jacket is by Lapointe)
 #36 [Electric]
 Outfit comes for both female and unisex

#37. Shhh!! It’s a Secret
Vroom Vroom, cute little car. It drives too!
 #38. Fi’s Creations 
I love waterfalls, so this little fountain will be a wonderful addition when we figure out where to rebuild our garden. We’re about ready to redo our sim.
 #40. *HolliPocket*

“A man doesn’t dream about a woman because he thinks her “mysterious”; he decides that she is “mysterious” to justify his dreaming of her.– Henri de Monterlant
This little seductive number comes in several sizes with tango appliers.

#42. Icarus Gift
The prize is the zebra screen.
(The bed is by Heart & Soul designs)
#46. *ToXiC HiGh
I haven’t decided what to call this is it a dress? Is it a top? I suppose you could wear it as both. It’s one of my favorite outfits from the hunt. But then, I really like the store too.
47.{.::GFD::.} – Rainy Days – Mesh Earrings  

Adorable earrings that look like umbrellas hanging upside down.
#48 What I Dreamed 
For the jewelry hunter, this is the necklace from this store.

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